Rail future provides a comprehensive rail asset inspection and information management service.
Utilizing Rail Futures deep understanding of the requirements of Rail Asset Managers, and many decades of collective experience in management and maintenance of Rail Infrastructure, you are assured of productivity improvement and a quality outcome.

Safety and compliance underscore all inspection services offered by Rail Futures with all inspectors being appropriately qualified and highly experienced .  Inspection and monitoring services are currently offered for :

  • Glued Insulated Joints
  • Rail Stress
  • Welds
  • Structures
  • Culverts
  • Tunnels
  • Trackside Systems
  • Yards


Rail Futures provides a comprehensive Project Management Services across all rail disciplines. Our nationally qualified project managers have assisted in the delivery of major projects including the Epping Chatswood Rail Line (ECRL) and the Southwest Rail line in Sydney. We offer project management services on the client side, or directly as the contractor. Our staff have extensive experience in the civil permanent way structures, electrical signalling, power and overhead systems.

We have experienced staff in 1400 and 1500 overhead and high voltage rail systems. Our consultants have lead rolling stock interface testing for new rail assets.


Rail Futures staff have extensive experience in undertaking contractors’ quality and safety systems audits. Our staff are experienced in the development and reviewing of inspection test plans across all rail way disciplines thus ensuring that the client is handed over a quality product.



1 Rail Asset Inspections.
The assets are classified as either a turnout, siding, level crossing, or a length of track belonging to a level crossing. The track inspector determines the attributes of the asset while the data entry officer enters the information into a application on the tablet computer.

2 Rail Futures Team for Rail Inspections.
Our team consists of a Certified Track Inspector, a Data Input Operator and a Track Protection Officer, and they use client yard and ownership maps initially to locate and identify assets.


Data is instantly available to Supervisors & Clients. Throughout the day, the data on the tablet is synchronised with a “software as a service” database in the cloud.

4 Project Management.
Project Management across all railway disciplines.

5 Client Side Representatives.
Rail Futures staff work on your site with best practice project management skills and techniques to ensure the client achieves the agreed scope.


Rail Futures staff undertake site rail and safety audits, and review Inspection and Test Plans (ITC’s).

Frank Feldman

Founder and director, Frank Feldman is responsible for Rail Futures.